Covid-19 et revue des publications scientifiques

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L’épidémie de coronavirus a généré un nombre impressionnant de publications scientifiques qu‘on peut comptabiliser à l‘aide de la librairie médicale électronique ( Electronic Medical Library ) concept unique au Monde et sponsorisé par

À ce jour le 01.06.2020 on compte 16.500 articles et publications dont 7000 sont hébergés sur des serveurs dits „preprints“ ( articles scientifiques en ébauches non encore revus) . Des 9500 articles et publications restants, le moteur de recherche de la librairie médicale électronique ( Electronic Medical Library) a classé les articles et publications sur les critères suivant leur impact sur la communauté scientifique et leur pertinence dans la prise de décisions des mesures sanitaires dans la majorité des pays atteints par l’épidémie.

Ce classement reste tout de même aléatoire mais est le résultat uniquement du moteur de recherche sur les critères définis plus haut.

Nous publions ci-dessous les liens des 100 articles et publications par ordre alphabétique.

  1. Berlin_COVD-19_and_smoking
  2. Bar-on_SARS-CoV-2_(COVID19)_by_the_numbers
  3. Bendtsen_Cano_Modelling-effects_of_social_distancing
  4. Bifani_Estimating the R0 of SARS-CoV-2 in Different Heatlh Systems
  5. Zhen Li_Caution on Kidney Dyfunctions of COVID-19 Patients
  6. 3_starting_studies_about_convalescent_plasma_and COVID-19.df
  7. Arevalo-Rodriguez,Buitrago-Garcia et al.2020- False-Negative Results of initial RT-PCR
  8. Chen_Clinical analysis of pregnant women with 2019 novel coronavirus pneumonia_Journal of Medical Virology
  9. Chen_Efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in patients with COVID-19-Pre-print
  10. Chen_Hypertension_diabetes_coronary_heart_disease_meta-analysis
  11. Cheng Hao_jmv_Organ-protective Effect of Angiotensin-converting Enzyme 2 and its Effect on the Prognosis of COVID-19
  12. Cao Bin_200318_NEJM_A Trial of Lopinavir–Ritonavir in Adults Hospitalized with Severe Covid-19
  13. Cao Z_2010_Virology J_Potent and persistent antibody responses against RBD of SARS-CoV spike protein in recovered patients
  14. Chan Jasper_2020 Jan_Lancet_A family cluster of 2019 nCoV of six family members partially asymptomatic
  15. Chan_Disentangling_the_re-emerging_controversy_about_medical_facemask
  16. Chan_Social_media_for_rapid_knowledge_dissemination
  17. Chang, Wu et al. 2020 – Clinical characteristics and diagnostic challenges
  18. Chao, DLO, Assaf P., Srikrishna et al. 2020 – Modeling layered non-pharmaceutical interventions
  19. ChinaCDC_200218_Epidemiological Characteristics of COVID-19_e
  20. Chinazzi Matteo_200212_medRxiv_Effect of China travel restrictions on spread of coronavirus 2019-nCoV outbreak
  21. Choe Pyoeng_2017_Em Inf Dis_MERS-CoV Antibody Responses 1 Year after Symptom Onset_South Korea_2015
  22. Choi, SHK, H. W., Kang et al. 2020 – Epidemiology and Clinical Features
  23. Cinzano Matteo_200212_Effect of China travel restrictions on spread of coronavirus 2019-nCoV outbreak
  24. Classe, JMD, G., Evrard et al. 2020 – Recommandations de la Société Française
  25. Coccia 2020 – Factors determining the diffusion
  26. Day, Covid-19_four fifths of cases are asymptomatic
  27. Dayal, DG, Saniya 2020 – Connecting BCG Vaccination and COVID-19
  28. De Leo, SM, Gabriel Gulak, Solidoro 2020 – Analysing and comparing the COVID-19
  29. De Natale_Covid-19 infection in Itally_statistical study
  30. De Natale_Covid-19 infection in Itally_statistical study
  31. Della Gatta, Rizzo et al. 2020 – COVID19 during pregnancy
  32. Denis_Epidemiological_Observation_From_a_Smartphone_Self-monitoring_Application_for_Suspected_COVID-19_Patients_Triage_(COVID CALL 15)
  33. Dong, Zeng et al. 2020 – Liver Chemistries in Patients
  34. Dorigatti Ilaria_200210__Imperial-College_2019-nCoV severity and CFR
  35. Dropkin_COVID-19_UK_Lockdown_Forecasts_and_R0
  36. Fadini et al._28032020_Prevalence and impact of diabetes among people infected with SARS‐CoV‐2_Springer
  37. Fang Lei_200311_Lancet_Are patients with hypertension and diabetes mellitus at increased risk for COVID-19 infection_due to ACEIs and ARBs 120. Fantini, JS, C. D., Chahinian et al. 2020 – Structural and molecular modeling studies
  38. Felice, Tovar-moll et al. 2020 – Trends in Neurosciences Science &
  39. Felix-Cardoso, Vasconcelos et al. 2020 – Excess mortality during COVID-19
  40. Feng Zhu_20311_Co-infection of SARS-CoV-2 and HIV in a patient in Wuhan city
  41. Feng, Damon-Feng et al. 2020 – Sustaining Social Distancing Policies
  42. Ferrazzi_Mode of delivery and clinical findings in COVID-19
  43. Freedman_Clinical_characteristics_and_outcome_of_pediatric_COVID-19
  44. Gajbhiye, Covid-19_Pregnancy outcomes, Newborn complications_Maternal-Fetal Transmission
  45. Gajbhiye, RM, Deepak, Mahale 2020 – Pregnancy outcomes
  46. Garg, Kim et al. 2020 – Hospitalization Rates and Characteristics
  47. Gentile Sandro_Diab Res_COVID-19 Infection in italian people with diabetes
  48. Goldsztejn, US, David, Nehorai 2020 – Public policy and economic dynamics
  49. Goumenou_Possibility_of_transmission through_dogs
  50. Greenhalgh et al., Face masks for the public during the covid-19 crisis. Analysis
  51. Guo_Diabetes_is_a_risk_factor_for_the_progression_and_prognosis_of_COVID-19
  52. Gupta, Gupta et al. 2020 – The use of facemasks
  53. Halpin et al_Do chronic respiratory diseases or their treatment affect the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection_The lancet respiratory medicine
  54. Hammami, Harrabi et al. 2020 – Physical activity and coronavirus disease
  55. Han Qijun_191228_Emerg Inf Dis_Social Responses to Epidemics in Cinema Movie Films
  56. Han, Possibly critical role of wearing masks in general population in controlling COVID-19
  57. Heyman David_2020_Lancet_Data sharing and outbreaks_best practice exemplified
  58. Hogan, CAS, M. K., Pinsky 2020 – Sample Pooling as a Strategy
  59. Holshue Michelle_2020 Feb_NEJM_First Case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in the United States
  60. Hou C_jmv_effectiveness quarantine Wuhan Covid-19_SEIR model analysis
  61. Hou_Digestive Involvement of the Coronavirus Disease
  62. Hu, Sun et al. 2020 – Prevalence and severity of corona
  63. Huang Chaolin_2020 Jan_Lancet_Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 nCoV
  64. Kang 2020 – Mortality Rate of Infection
  65. Kanny_Maladies respiratoires, allergies et infections a COVID-19 Premieres Nouvelles de Wuhan
  66. Kapoor_Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine in the Treatment_Pre-print
  67. Ke, RS, Steven, Romero-Severson et al. 2020 – Fast spread of COVID-19
  68. Ke_Fast spread_COVID-19 in Europe and the US_implications_Pre-print
  69. Kenyon_Widespread use of face masks in public may slow the spread of SARS CoV-2-Pre-Print
  70. Keyvan Heydari_Most common clinical symptoms
  71. 192. Kim_School_Opening_Delay_Effect_on_Transmission_Dynamics_of_Coronavirus_Disease_2019_in_Korea
  72. 193. Kim_Understanding_and_Interpretation_of_Case_Fatality_Rate of_Coronaviru_ Disease_2019
  73. Kimball_Asymptomatic_Infections-USA-CDC
  74. Kirkby, CM, Marc 2020 – Is low dose radiation therapy
  75. Kissler Stephen_medrxiv_Social distancing strategies for curbing the COVID-19 epidemic_e
  76. Klok, Kruip et al. 2020 – Incidence of thrombotic complications
  77. Köhler 2020 – Infection-Immunity Competition
  78. Koo Joe R_Lancet_Scientific and ethical basis for social-distancing interventions_e
  79. Lighter_Obesity in patients younger than 60 years_Covid-19
  80. Linka, Peirlinck et al. 2020 – Outbreak dynamics of COVID-19
  81. Linlin Bao_200314_biorxiv_Reinfection could not occur in SARS-CoV-2 infected rhesus macaques_e
  82. Lipi_Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is associated with severe covid_Respiratory Medicine
  83. Lippi, SARS-CoV-2_at the crossroad between aging and neurodegeneration
  84. Liu_Aerodynamic Characteristics and RNA Concentration of SARS-CoV-2 Aerosol_Pre-print-Biorxiv
  85. Liu_The_contribution_of_pre-symptomatic_infection_to_the_transmission_dynamics_of_COVID-2019
  86. Liuetal_Inefficency of sera from mice treated with pseudotyped sars cov to neurtalize 2019-ncov infection
  87. Ning Zhang_Virussheddingpatternsinnasopharyngealandfecalspecimensof1 COVID-19patients2
  88. Nirmal Kumar_Statement_Loss of sense of smell as marker of COVID_e
  89. Nisha S Mehta_SARS-CoV-2_What do we know about children_systematic review
  90. Shuo Feng_Lancet_Rational use of face masks in the COVID-19 pandemic_e
  91. Shuo Jian_Mathematical models for devising the optimal SARS-CoV-2 eradication in China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy 356. Siche, Impact of COVID-19 disease on agriculture
  92. Siddiqi_COVID-19 Illness in Native and Immunosuppressed States A Clinical-Therapeutic Staging Proposal
  93. Signorelli_impact of containment measures_Italy
  94. Sun, Shi et al. 2020 – Non-pharmaceutical interventions used for COVID-19
  95. Sun_Characteristics of patients with COVID-19 pneumonia admitted to the intensive care
  96. Wang Cheng_2020 Jan_Lancet_A novel nCoV outbreak of global health concern_clinical table
  97. Wang Manli_200129_Cell Res_Remdesivir and chloroquine effectively inhibit nCoV
  98. Zhang_presymptomatic transmission using incubation period-Pre-Print
  99. Zhang_Prevention of a second epidemic
  100. Zhang_Significance of clinical phenomes of patients with COVID-19 infection_A learning from 3795 patients in 80reports_Clinical and Translational Medicine