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Ballistol new weapon against CoVid19?


Since 11/02/2020 a world forum is held in Geneva at the WHO headquarters to accelerate the search for solutions to stop the Chinese Coronavirus epidemic.

The international community always reacts by bringing together in the same forum some independent scientists but especially large international laboratories and donors of funds under the leadership of the Ministries of Health of different countries of the Western world.

The large international laboratories, which have sensed the good deal, each go from their forecast for the realization of a vaccine, from a few weeks to 20 months.

The lure of gain is still the engine that attracts its laboratories ready to swallow billions of dollars to concoct the « miracle vaccine » when we must first make an inventory of the therapeutic arsenal or even products of prevention at our disposal can really help us quickly to stem the epidemic.

Modestly I would like to make my contribution on products that we quickly put away in the closet because they are too inexpensive and without the possibility of making large profits for large laboratories.

Among these products we should mention Ballistol or Neo-Ballistol which are composed of purified paraffin oil associated with 6 natural alcohols.

This product is completely biodegradable and is in no way toxic to the skin or mucous membranes.

                   The Ballistol

Ballistol or Neo-Ballistol are powerful anti-microbial and anti-viral.

Their action is instantaneous as a bactericide but also with strong anti-viral potential.

Ballistol’s paraffin oil is completely purified, biodegradable and appears to act on RNA polymerases of RNA viruses like that of the Chinese Coronavirus.

Its action consists, it seems, in blocking the duplication of RNA polymerases.

Neo-Ballistol has an almost instantaneous action on labial herpes (DNA Virus). This action is also extended over several weeks.

As a disinfectant Ballistol is 10 times more powerful than all the disinfectants that we are currently offered to contain the epidemic.

Another argument is the efficacy of paraffin oil against virus-carrying aphids, with which animals are treated.

What are we waiting for to test the Ballistol or the Neo-Ballistol?


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