To His Majesty Prince Charles of the United Kingdom

Your Majesty,

Your message to the Muslim community in this holy month of Ramadhan in the midst of the CoVid19 pandemic goes straight to our hearts.

You have just given all of us and especially the leaders of this World the message of brotherhood in these difficult times when a large part of the planet is suffering and is trying to cope with this scourge which is responsible for so many deaths and sorrow.

In this sacred month of Ramadhan, which is also the month of sharing, you have just reminded the whole world how much compassion beyond beliefs and religions is necessary to live together in the name of a common good that we share: our planet earth.

May your message open the hope for a better future and a better fraternal understanding between all the inhabitants of the earth.

Thank you Majesty for these words full of wisdom and hope, and allow me to quote the Holy Qur’an as well:

Bring good news to those who endure, who say, when misfortune befalls them: « Surely we are God’s, and to him we shall return. » « These receive blessings from their Lord, and mercy from him; these are the ones who are well led. » ( Qur‘an,2,155-157 ).

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